what is it ?


1-The challenge focus upon six essential soccer techniques

  1. Running with the ball 
  2. Turning with the ball 
  3. Speed ( Changing direction without the ball )
  4. Dribbling
  5. Heading
  6. Shooting

The test will reflect technical ability of the players in these techniques. A learning programme of practices and games with key coaching factors is provided for each technique. 

2- For whom is the soccer star masterclass designed ?

its designed for the use of coaches and teachers , with boys and girls of any ability from 6 to 16 years of age 

3- What facilities and equipement are required ?

The minimum area required would be aproximately 40x30 yards, either outdoor or indoors , on any suitable surface .

The test are easy to organise , requiring only five balls and supply of markers or cones . A class of 12 can be tested on all the tests with one hour.

4- How does the challenge operate?

- test the children through the six Soccer Star Masterclass 

-Input the scores into the appropriate page 

-collecte the Data 

-print the FA certificate 

-presente the certificate to children 

5-What feedback is provided For the player?

Free certificate to indicate the grading 

For the coache?

A readout of the group performance 


The soccer Star tests have been validated by professor Tim Holt of the social statistics departement of Southampton university , England following extensive research with over 10,000 children befor the launch in 1990 , They have been proven to display over 90% reliability and over 90% validity in being able to distinguish between young players in the following categories;

A- Academy/Center of Excellence players .

B- Players not selected not selected for academies but representing thier town or country on all star teams .

C- Players not selected for (A) or (B) bur playing for their school or club team.

D- Players not registred with club or school team ,

Six grades or stars are available to be , awarded on the basis of the test scores of the child the norms for the child at the age , the norm have been refined over the years since the launch in 1990 reflect the scores of the half million children who have completed the tests in this period .The six stars grades represents the top of players tested in any country to date .


The Football Association accept that the challenges do not predict or reflect playing ability as there are other factors (physical ,mental,understanding) related to playing ability but the challenges clearly do reflect personal technical profeciency 

7- Goal Setting 

The Soccer Star Masterclass allows children to set simple performance goals and view developemnt in terms of improvemnt .children who rely too heavily on favourable comparison with other children in sport are in danger of being disappointed. Children who focus upon thier own improvement  and more likely to be motivated ,enjoy their sport and maintain participation .

The Soccer Star Masterclass provides simple opportunities for children to achiev succes and improve thier overall self-esteem by focusing upon their own performance not others . The reward and feedback 

8- Practice 

the best introduction to the world's greatest game is mini soccer playing small-sided games like Mini-Soccer has been proved to be most effective way to introduce children to soccer , enjoy the fun of playing and begin to understand the game . Small -Sided games do provide the opportunity to practice some techniques passing and control are for exemple best practised in small -sided games that allow for the realistic and dynamic movement of the ball and player .

Small sided games do not, however ,provide the opportunity for other techniques to be practiced; for example a game of Mini-Soccer whilst there will be many opportunities to practice passing and ball control there will be limited opportunities and repetitive practice for turning ,dribbling heading and shooting , indeed for many young players there is an over emphasis upon passing at the expense of dribbling and turning .in those circumsatnce the Soccer Challenge has a valu 

of focussing the players attention on personal goals,based on mastering the specifique to gainmore enjoyement .


A review of England Under 21 who have undertaken the soccer star test and obtained the top six star grading 

Name Current team Age when achieved soccer star 6 star rate 

Michael Carrick Manchester United 10 years 

Michael Bridges Leeds United 11 years 

Matthew Upson West Ham 10 years 

John Harley Fulham 10 years

Jhonathan Greening West Brom 10 years

John Curtis Blackburn West Ham 11 years

Matthew Etherington West Ham 10 years

Paulo Vernazza Watford 10 years  

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